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One word.

Simple yet complex.

My journey of becoming an author hasn’t been easy. I've struggled to get the words out of my head or find an adequate description for the perfect scene. I now understand why so many aspiring authors never finish their first draft. 

Writing isn't easy. 

But, in the struggle comes freedom. The words you desperately seek will be found. They may not present themselves when you need them to, but I promise they are there. (Raise your hand if they smacked you across the face at 3 A.M.)

You just have to write.

Writing is terrifying, yet exciting to the point of thrill-seeking.

Writing bares your soul, yet it saves you.

You have to keep writing, whether it takes you three months to write your first draft or three years. You can't let the weight of one word keep the world from reading your story. 

Get it out. Feel the freedom and the joy from your words.

Happy writing my friends,

James Claire

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